Transfer Station stickers to cost $125 in 2020

Aug 28, 2019

Next year, purchasing a sticker allowing access to the transfer stations at Benson Brook and on Route 28 will cost $125 for residents of Wareham, Marion, and Carver.

The increase in cost, approved by a majority of the members of the committee that runs the Carver Marion Wareham Regional Refuse Disposal District, will cover the district’s operating costs. 

The district is also considering upgrading the transfer station on Route 28 in Rochester, which is on land owned by the district and has the room to expand.

Next year will be the last that the district will have free waste disposal through a decades-long contract with SEMASS. 

Residents can expect costs to go up after 2020, as the district will have to pay for trash disposal. 

The district will also be hosting a hazardous waste day on November 16 from 9 a.m. to noon. 

In contrast to the troubled event from earlier this summer, the fall hazardous waste day will be held at two locations: the Benson Brook Transfer Station in Marion and the salt shed in Carver on Rochester Road. Benson Brook will be closed for regular refuse disposal on that day.

Board members hoped that residents would take advantage of the day to dispose of waste that is not accepted at the transfer stations. The district always accepts fluorescent bulbs and propane tanks.