Treats for a good cause

Jul 12, 2020

Emma Kendrigan, 11, and her grandmother, Kathleen Moore of Onset, have a tradition: At the end of each school year, the pair take Moore’s change jar and cash it out, and Emma gets to spend that money on whatever she wants.

This year, she decided to take that $55 and use it to buy food to give to the homeless population in Wareham. She and her grandmother assembled thirty bologna sandwiches, which they paired with bananas and chips, and gave them to Zee Suarez of Seven Hills, who distributes food and other supplies. 

From there, Emma decided that she wanted to do more to help. 

“I just felt happy that they would have food,” Emma said. “I have so much energy. I wanted to do more. I was like, let’s do this!”

She started making frozen dog treats with delicious-sounding flavors like cucumber watermelon and selling them at a stand in Mattapoisett, where she lives. 

So far, Emma has raised $500. She will be contacting Suarez to find out what the homeless population needs the most and put the money toward that. 

“People have been very generous,” said Moore. She added that many people want to help, but may not know how to do so. 

Emma said that she cares so much about the cause because she knows that if she was homeless, she would want people to help.

Those who want to give a donation can contribute on Venmo @Kathleen-Moore-96.