Vikings volleyball conquers first playoff game

Nov 2, 2023

Wednesday night, the Wareham High School volleyball team defeated Boston Collegiate Charter School in its first playoff game 3-0.

The Nov. 1 game is only the beginning for the Vikings, but that is what’s driving the team’s spirit.

Head Coach Allyson Collette said given that the team is the 22nd seed, they have a better chance to get farther in the tournament.

“Last year, we barely made it,” Collette said, adding the team ranked 32, which meant it faced off against the top team in the division in only the second game of the playoffs. 

Boston Collegiate sat at the 61st seed before the Vikings victory knocked them out of the tournament. On Friday, Nov. 3, the team will head to Hopedale to face the Blue Raiders, who rank 11th in the division.

“We actually have a decent chance so it’s very exciting,” Collette said. “I'm super excited to just keep going.”

In terms of game play, the coach said she was happy all the players had the opportunity to complete one to two full sets, adding it’s not just seven star players — each victory is a team effort.

“Everyone serves, everyone plays, until we have contributions from everyone,” she said. 

Senior Co-Captain Makayla Young said the start of playoffs feels “pretty good” this year.

Young said although she may have been excited for playoffs last year, this year is different.

She added the team has been working more together this year and everyone has an opportunity to contribute.

“I feel like we've all worked really hard and improved a lot since last year,” she said.

Looking ahead to the rest of the season, Young said, “We're going to do good and I just hope we can keep pushing.”