Wareham Fire District welcomes new Prudential Committee member

Apr 13, 2019

Wareham Fire District election results are in. 

Wareham residents elected newcomer Dean Decas to the Prudential Committee seat. He received 219 votes and thanked his voters for “giving [him] an opportunity to have an input in our Prudential Committee.”

Decas will be working alongside returning committee member George Barrett who received 154 votes and said that he was “very pleased to be recognized for the work [he] put in.”

The third candidate, Steven Curry, earned 107 votes.

Water Commission candidate Edward J. Tamagini, III, who was first elected in 1998, earned 237 votes for his three-year term. His seat was uncontested.

Clerk Wendy Lemieux reported that a total of 312 people cast ballots.

The Wareham Fire District supplies water and fire protection for much of Wareham. A separate Onset Fire District performs the same function in Onset. Separate from the Town of Wareham, the Fire District is overseen by an elected five-member Prudential Committee. The district sets the water rates and allocates funds for the Fire Department.