Wareham Middle School announces students of the month

Jun 9, 2020

Wareham Middle School has announced its students of the month for May. 

The fifth grader of the month is Amya Irving, the daughter of Paul Irving and Elaine Borel. 

“Amya is an empathetic and thoughtful student who has been a strong part of our team since the beginning,” wrote one of her teachers. “She is inclusive and considerate of all her classmates, and consistently brings an upbeat energy that we have all enjoyed throughout the year.”

Antonio Chaves, the son of Antonio Chaves and Corrin LeMay, is the sixth grader of the month.

“Antonio is kind and cooperative; always willing to work in groups,” said one teacher. “I especially like Antonio’s sense of humor: He enjoys being creative with his work and often includes a fun or clever drawing with his assignments.”

Ethan Potito, the son of Andrew Potito and Christine Potito, is the seventh grader of the month. 

“Ethan Potito is a very conscientious student. He completes his work on time and puts in a lot of effort,” wrote one teacher. “Ethan is also very kind and caring. When my dog passed away in May, he wrote and sent me a very touching note and made a small figurine out of clay to cheer me up!”