Wareham middle schoolers show off their skills

Jun 18, 2022

Juggling, dancing, puns and original guitar solos — the Wareham Middle School’s art and talent show had it all Thursday night.

“We’re really excited,” teacher Jessica Hathaway said shortly before the show began.

Thirteen students took to the stage to perform for a cheering audience during the show.

Before the curtains opened, families and friends perused a connected art show in the school’s library, where students’ artwork was on display. Viewers walked through paintings of birds, ceramic animals, drawings of polar bears and other pieces created in art class throughout the year.

Soon though an audience streamed into the school auditorium, some with flower bouquets in hand, anxious to watch their children on the stage.

Under glitzy streamers and bright lights, students presented a wide range of talents, from singing to dancing to comedy.

One student told jokes about how he wished Covid-19 had started in Las Vegas — because “what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas.” Another student sang a song by Korn.

In a red-white-and-blue tulle skirt, Kira Wood danced to the Miley Cyrus song “Party in the USA.”

Out in the crowd, one of her 1-year-old sisters waved her hands in the air, balanced on her grandmother’s lap.

The middle school chorus performed a rendition of “Surface Pressure” from the Disney movie “Encanto” while judges tallied up scores for each performance.

Self-taught juggler Travis Murphy won first place for his ball-throwing. Molly Herbst won second place for playing a self-written song on the guitar. Rileigh Brundage and Ashlynn Duggan scored third place for their dance routine.