Wareham School Committee supports changing state education funding formula

Oct 25, 2018

School Committee members unanimously supported an effort to alter the state’s education funding formula, which educators say could bring an additional $2 million to the district if adopted.

On Thursday, Wareham Education Association Vice President Michelle LeFrancois told committee members about “Fund Our Future.” Spearheaded by the Massachusetts Teachers Association, the campaign aims to bring additional funds to all schools across the state. LeFrancois said a coalition has formed to pressure legislators to act.

“The state is grossly underfunding public education,” said LeFrancois. “Research is showing that special needs students and students in low-income communities are the most hurt by the current formula.”

LeFrancois said the new formula being proposed by the Massachusetts Teachers Association could bring in an additional $2 million to the district.

“Imagine what funds like this could do to maintain a brand new elementary school and upkeep in the middle school and high school,” she said.

LeFrancois said so far 12 other School Committees across the state had supported “Fund Our Future.” She added that plans call for putting legislation before state lawmakers by spring 2019.