A winter wonderland with the Elementary School band and chorus

Feb 8, 2023

The fourth grade band and chorus of Wareham Elementary School embraced the winter weather with a concert of catchy tunes on Wednesday, Feb. 8.

For many of the students, it was their first time performing on stage. 

“It’s so much fun to watch them and see how much they have grown,” said Band and Chorus Director Russ Hart.

According to Hart, the students have come a long way since their first day, when they didn’t know how to put their instruments together. 

 “Now they are learning their instruments and the chorus is learning how to sing,” he said. “They are learning how to perform.” 

The band got into the winter spirit with a sleigh bell-heavy rendition of “Jingle Bells.” 

“The hardest song in general was ‘Jingle Bells,’” said clarinetist Jossalyn Stamps, 10.

“It has a lot of new letters in it,” said Stamps, referring to musical notes.

The band took a break from the cold weather to warm up with a performance of “Hot Cross Buns.”

“I liked how Mr. Hart arranged [Hot Cross Buns],” said clarinetist Carly Colon, 10. “I liked how it was the different sections, like the clarinet, then the drums, then the flute.”

The snow and cold returned during the chorus’s performance of the song “Perfect Winter Day.”

Despite the song’s title, students sang of the “crummy” feeling of getting a winter cold.

“I have a headache, my eyes itch, my nose is clogged,” the chorus sang (and sneezed).

Chorus members stomped to the beat of “Here Comes the Snow” to brighten the mood.

“It has a good rhythm,” Stamps said. “I liked how we stomped and clapped in the beginning.”

Hart said that both the band and chorus showed off their hard work during the concert. 

“They are a dedicated group and they are enthusiastic and that makes it enjoyable,” he said. “We all performed to the best of our abilities.”