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Jul 7, 2010

A lot happens in Wareham in just one week. Fourth of July festivities. A sizzling heat wave. A raft of government meetings. Arrests and awards. Ball games and concerts. And that's not to mention the news of upcoming events and activities.

Each week we try to pack as much as possible into our little paper. Even focused just on Wareham and Onset, that requires a lot of decisions about what to put in the paper -- and a lot of editing down of what does go in. We think the result makes for a pretty "user friendly" newspaper. But we're VERY glad that we have Wareham Week AND to bring you news of our town!

Thanks to the combination of Wareham Week and WarehamVillageSoup, we can provide you with a centerspread of 4th of July photos AND video of street-corner drummers in Onset and contestants in the Wareham Historical Society's annual fiddle concert. (And, face it, even if there were room for more photos in the paper, wouldn't you rather HEAR performers than just see them?)

There's a photo of the "Jaws of Life" demonstration on Page 5 and a video of the Onset event on WarehamVillageSoup.

The story on Page 3 today provides information on the expected highlights of this weekend's Swan Festival. For a complete list of activities, go to

Plus, in a week with this much going on and so much planned for the coming week, most of the items in today's paper were cut to provide you with today's digest of local news and information. Want more detail?

Want to see something that isn't even mentioned in the paper (except here)? Check out the "Community Happenings" section of WarehamVillageSoup to see the harbormaster's intern demonstrate a self-inflating life jacket.

This week, even one of our advertisers is getting into the print-web combination. To sign up for the Salvation Army Family Store's VIP shopping event, go to -- you guessed it --