Instant Gratification: Beauty and the Budget

Mar 16, 2011

The visual impact of an entry door is impressive. We've all seen examples of houses transformed by the single detail of a drab door switched out for a beautifully crafted design. The same may be said of the jaw-dropping transformation when a plain street-facing window is replaced with a graceful bay/bow window.

Beauty is a Chameleon

It can wear the deep pigments of a renaissance painting or the unfolding petals of a peony. It comes in graceful curves or bold, clean lines. This versatility is what makes one attractive home different from another. Your vision of beauty becomes reflected in every aspect of your home and can begin at the front door.

The question is this: will it be a hand crafted statement of aesthetic individuality? With a custom fiberglass door supplied and installed by the craftsmen from Innovation Construction Co. the answer is yes.

Door and window replacements are also top choices by folks who are interested in comfort and energy savings. And the energy savings can be considerable. If you plan to stay in your home a few years, the cost/value is optimized. And, with the dual upgrade of improved energy efficiency and enhanced beauty and style, new windows and entry doors are dazzling enhancements to your home – plus, if and when the home does come up for sale, these enhancements are considered an effective boost to the marketing plan.

Function Meets Style -- Meets Affordability

Your passage to reliable possibilities

There are many options for functional doors and windows, for budget product lines, and for architectural showcases. When your style requires doors and windows that are more than a functional necessity, a superior blend of beauty, functionality, and affordability can be found in JELD-WEN products. These reliable exterior doors and windows are designed to be artful elements for your home, supporting your personal tastes and coordinating with your home's architecture.

In addition to beauty, design choices, and reliability, there's a lot more to recommend the Jeld-Wen line of windows and doors.

  1. Sound Abatement: loud noises stay outside, blocked by the superior acoustic buffering of Jeld-Wen windows.
  2. A Green Building option: Jeld-Wen products have earned the "Green Approved" label from the  National Association of Home Builders (NAHB)
  3. Tax Credit Eligibility: Federal tax credits for windows and doors have been extended through 2011, and your Jeld-Wen purchase may qualify up to $500

And one of the best parts of these expertly made Jeld-Wen doors and windows is they are available to fit any budget and any application.

Of course, even the best performing Jeld-Wen windows and doors are only as good as their installation. Innovation Construction Company's professional installation will help lower your energy costs, increase your comfort, and give you a beautiful new look and peace of mind for years to come.

Whatever repairs, replacements, or other work you have done to your home, it's essential to contract with a licensed professional who has the expertise to do the job right, the integrity to back up his claims, and the ratings and references to assure you of the quality work your home deserves.

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Chuckle of the Week

A truckload of penguins breaks down on the freeway on a hot summer day.

The truck driver sees a blonde construction manager driving up in a company Suburban, so he asks the CM, "Is this car air conditioned?" The construction manager says, "Sure is."

So the truck driver says "I'll give you $100 to take these penguins to the zoo."

Off goes the CM with the penguins. About three hours later, the CM comes back with the car-load of penguins all wearing 3-D glasses.

The truck driver looks at the penguins in disbelief and yells, "I gave you $100 to take those penguins to the zoo!!!"

The CM replies, "I did. But we had money left over so we went to a movie, too."