Pet clinic on wheels 'goes to the dogs'

Jul 11, 2017

A vet clinic offering pet care on wheels parked in Wareham Tuesday, providing affordable and “fear free” veterinary services.

Jeni Mather, owner of J.M. Pet Resort and J.M. Pet Vet in Brockton, started the 33-foot truck veterinary clinic in February 2016 after she closed the animal shelter she owned for 17 years. Mather said she heard many stories about people unable to keep their pets because of the cost and wanted to do something to help.

The mobile vet clinic served cats and dogs throughout the day, with one client at a time in the truck. There were about nine appointments made for Tuesday, according to Joyce Poliatti, hospital administrator.

This was the first time J.M. Pet Vet on wheels has come to Wareham, but Mather said she hopes it will become an annual event.

“I know how much this community loves their animals,” Mather said. “There are so few communities left that have this type of welcoming nature with pets.”

She offers services at “deep discounts” because the mobile clinic allows her to keep overhead costs low.

“It’s really as much of a pet outreach program without losing money as I can do,” Mather said.

The enclosed environment is comforting for pets, Mather said.

“Once you get on there, you don’t realize you’re on a truck,” Mather said. Exams are “fear-free” and provide individualized service. Dogs and cats don’t even realize they are in an animal hospital, Mather said.

“It’s very old-school as far as customer service goes,” Mather said. The vet techs and doctors get on the floor with the animals, making them as comfortable as possible.

Penny Howard, a summer Wareham resident who brought her dog Elly to the clinic to get Elly's nails clipped, agreed.

“It’s a good atmosphere for my 12-year-old dog,” Howard said. “I think it’s a brilliant idea and it’s so unique. It’s important to bring it to the people who need it and might not get it otherwise.”

Elisha Place visited the clinic on Tuesday, her first time on a mobile pet clinic. Place’s Jack Russell Terrier received a check-up and Place said the concept was “awesome” and convenient.

The best thing about J.M. Pet Vet, Howard said, is that it is a family operation. Mather’s husband and three children hung out around the truck and helped with the animals.

“I love that the kids are involved,” Howard said. “The whole family is part of it.”

For more information on the traveling pet vet, visit or call 508-588-5661.