Class of 1948 celebrates member who kept them together

Sep 21, 2017

The Wareham High School class of 1948 still meets once a month to stay connected, helped by one member of the class, Claire Gordon.

The group of 88-year-olds all credit Gordon with keeping them together over the last 69 years.

“She’s done everything,” said Janice Dadiau, who was at a celebration of Gordon at Vel’s Family Restaurant on Thursday. “In high school, she was always the one who decorated for prom. She made daisy chains that were miles long.”

Though she no longer makes daisy chains, Gordon is still the unofficial social director of her class. She has helped ensure that, as high school graduation day gets farther away, the class grows closer together.

“Claire keeps in touch with those who have moved across the country,” said Jean Finnegan, a member of the class of 1948. “If someone’s in the hospital or nursing home, we know it. It’s magic, and that’s why we’re all here today.”

The group of about 20 former classmates has met at Vel’s once a month since 1989.

“We’re much closer now than we ever were in high school,” Dadiau said. “We appreciate each other so much more.”

At Thursday’s get together, the former Wareham High School students reminisced about how Wareham has changed in the last seven decades. In 1948, students from Marion, Rochester and Wareham all went to high school together.

“Wareham was a little country town and now it’s almost a city,” said Candy Tavares, another member of the class.

The class of 1948 is looking forward to a big celebration for their 70th reunion next year.