Taking a look at Trump's non accomplishments

Oct 5, 2017

(Editor's note: This letter is in response to one published on Sept. 20 by Roy Folsom.)

To the Editor:

I would like to respond to Mr. Folsom and his wife. First off, to say I listen to cable news – obviously you do, but don’t read newspapers. I read newspapers. This fixation you have with cable news, what has it got to do with journalists resigning when in your president’s cabinet the Secretary of Health and Human Services Tom Price is gone, and General Flynn (of lock her up fame) should be locked up? And how about Donald Jr., who met with the Russians along with several others at Trump Tower. Also, it seems Mr. Kushner and Ivanka are using their own email server (I got that out of a newspaper) to conduct business. It’s being called a hypocrite.

A reminder from Mr. Folsom, the intelligence agencies have been investigating the Trump campaign for the Russian interference in our election. All of this started when Mr. Trump went on with the birther movement and we never heard about the “detectives” he sent to Hawaii. Mr. Trump likes to hear himself talk. Now, let us discuss Mr. Trump’s activities. His so-called expertise in 40-plus years of business: Trump University, that went bust, a scam that your idol had to pay $25 million to the people he bilked out of their money; the six bankruptcies, and his father had to bail him out prior. Mr. Folsom, what about the healthcare bill that he promised on the first day of office? The only accomplishment is the Supreme Court, which was pushed along by Mitch McConnell.

You must be watching cable news again. The Paris Climate Change Accord (have you seen the hurricanes?)

Mr. Trump is ignorant about the air we breathe because of self interest groups: the oil companies, Koch Industries, Dow Chemical, etc.

Unemployment, it was low before the election (4.5 percent). Stock market was at 18. It’s up now because of the big tax breaks promised by you know who and so far not delivered. There has been no mention of infrastructure, it hasn’t come up because of tax reform.

Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) – Mr. Trump asked the opposing party, so he can save face, which by the way is still not settled because of the indecisiveness of Mr. Trump.

Because of automation, and the changing face of clean energy, jobs are adjusting. With the infighting and the Oval Office having a revolving door the leaks are caused by drips, so pretty bad for a non-politician who does not keep his promises. Enough for now. As usual, more to follow.

Thank you for your time,

Arthur Sandland