Town Meeting voters approve $1.1 million for capital spending plan

Department of Natural Resources to buy new trucks
Oct 24, 2017

Upgrades are on the way for Wareham schools and the Municipal Maintenance Department after Town Meeting voters approved spending $1.1 million for the FY18 Capital Plan.

Capital improvement is defined as construction, renovation or improvements of grounds. The Capital Improvement Plan aims to create a comprehensive strategy that can address the town’s needs.

Wareham Public Schools will receive $400,000 for new furniture, athletic equipment and security upgrades. Municipal Maintenance will replace a 1989 road grader and 1986 dump truck using $700,000.

Voters also voted to only approve, but not yet spend, $315,000 for a new ambulance and equipment for Wareham EMS. The funds will come from Wareham EMS revenues.

Later in the meeting, voters also approved a transfer of $68,870 from the Harbormaster’s revenues account to a maintenance and improvement account. Of those funds, $17,500 will be used to replace the current pump out boat, built in 1994.

Also, $22,140 will be used for a first year lease/purchase payment of two 4x4 vehicles. The new vehicles will replace a 1998 half-ton pick-up truck and a 2002 half-ton pick-up truck. According to the Wareham Department of Natural Resources, both vehicles have more than 180,000 miles and "significant safety and mechanical issues."