Wareham High School students receive approval to start environmental club

Nov 2, 2017

Wareham High School will be adding a new club focused on nature and the environment after students petitioned the School Committee for the addition Wednesday night.

High school students Lillian Pierro and Alisha Papadakis asked the board to allow an environmental club at the school. Papadakis pointed out that most science classes at the high school are full and have a lot of interest from students. More than 50 students signed the petition to start the environmental club, which hasn’t existed at the high school since 2003.

Club members plan to reconnect with nature through kayaking, hikes and camping. There will also be town cleanups and efforts to reduce waste and encourage recycling in the school.

School Committee Vice-Chair Geoff Swett asked whether the club will allow for discussion of controversial environmental issues.

“The Wareham environmental club will be important for showing everyone’s point of view,” Pierro said.

But the club will be more focused on nature, not on debate, students said. Club members want to give students an opportunity to participate in new activities.

“Don’t take your iPhone out there in a waterproof bag,” advised Chair Judy Caporiccio, before the board unanimously approved the club. “Go out there and just be quiet.”