Good Samaritan rescues goose on Christmas Day in Wareham

Dec 29, 2017

A good Samaritan and the Wareham Department of Natural Resources helped rescue a Canada goose that suffered a gunshot wound on Christmas Day.

Department of Natural Resource officers responded to the residence where the goose was being cared for on Dec. 27. Officers report the goose was found on a beach on Christmas Day by the good Samaritan, who then “went above and beyond providing care to the goose,” according to a statement.

Officials were called after the goose’s health did not improve. The bird was then taken to the Cape Wildlife Center for treatment. There, an x-ray revealed the goose suffered a gunshot wound.

“It is unclear at this time the extent of the injuries. However, the goose is in good hands,” officials said.

The Wareham Department of Natural Resources expressed gratitude toward the person who cared for the goose.

“Thank you to the good Samaritan for taking action with this animal in distress!” the statement said.