Wareham High School to offer new classes focused on business, arts

Jan 3, 2018

New learning opportunities are on the horizon for Wareham High School students as several courses were unveiled for the 2018-19 school year, with an emphasis on business and marketing.

Business Principles, Marketing 2 and Fashion Marketing are among the new course offerings introduced by Principal Scott Palladino during Wednesday’s School Committee meeting.

Palladino said those courses were designed to get students involved in DECA, a highly successful business and marketing program. He described DECA as “one of our greatest programs at the high school.”

Palladino said in addition to the business-oriented courses, new arts classes will be offered, including Make a Beat. That class will be focused on mixing, arranging and recording music.

“I’m going to bet that’s going to be popular with our students,” said Palladino.

Other curriculum changes include the removal of advanced placement biology and chemistry laboratories because “we just didn’t have the staffing,” said Palladino. He said that those courses might be offered in the future.

The new courses will be presented to students later in the year to drum up interest. Palladino noted that the courses will only be offered if there is sufficient interest from students.