College students return to share wisdom with Wareham High School

Jan 9, 2018

Wear flip-flops in the shower, take risks, take as many AP classes in high school as you can, advised Wareham High School alumni at the college homecoming on Tuesday.

The former Wareham High School students answered questions for high school seniors in a yearly tradition to get students excited for college next year. There were 16 alumni who sat on the stage and shared advice. Most of them were college freshmen who just finished their first semester at college, but a few upperclassmen were mixed in as well.

The college students discussed choosing a college and a major and the high school classes that have helped them the most in college.

Terrell Mathews, a college freshman, got the audience laughing when he talked about the difficulties of living in a dorm room and sharing a bathroom with other people. Mathews said he wore plastic bags on his feet to protect them from the shower floor.

College freshman Brett McSherry said students should take AP classes in high school whenever possible so they won't have to take those courses in college. College brings its own set of challenges, the alumni all agreed. There are lots of all-nighters and it can be tough to balance extracurriculars with classes and studying.

"It just gets harder, but you get better," said college freshman Michaela Bottino.

Wareham High School Principal Scott Palladino said it benefits high school seniors to hear from a diverse group of college students who are succeeding after high school.

"It's a great opportunity for our students to hear the real trials and tribulations that college students go through," he said.

He hopes the yearly homecoming event gets students motivated to send in their college applications in time and to think about how they can be successful after they graduate. Hearing from those who are going through it can "decrease uncertainty" about the next steps, Palladino said.