Wareham students thank the community after successful sock drive

Jan 31, 2018

To the Editor:

Wareham Middle School eighth graders, Chloe Hogan and Olivia Powers just wrapped up a very successful sock drive to benefit the Nights of Hospitality and the community’s homeless by hand delivering 507 new, warm pairs of socks to Pastor Lynn Shaw of the Emmanuel Church of the Nazarene.

A community service project of their Humanities/Social Responsibility class gained momentum through the support of the community, students, teachers, and school principals and the two girls could not be happier with the turnout.

The socks were collected by placing sock donation baskets at the Wareham Middle School, Wareham High School as well as Abbey Glass Company, Inc. People throughout the schools and communities came together for this cause in so many different ways. One generous man actually taped himself making donations at Abbey Glass and challenged others to do as well. Another young student hosted a birthday party encouraging all of her friends to bring socks to her party. Just two examples of how one small act can turn into something bigger.

Upon their delivery, Pastor Lynn met with the girls and gave them more information about the program, how it works and whom it serves. She explained that often times, those visiting do not have the option for washing their clothes frequently, so just having new warm socks is appreciated. The two girls would like to thank everyone who donated towards the cause.

Chloe Hogan and Olivia Powers