East Wareham marina warehouse to be torn down

Mar 5, 2018

Officials have condemned a boat storage facility in East Wareham that could collapse at any moment, planning to tear down the building on Wednesday.

“We’re actively trying to get it taken down,” said Building Inspector David Riquinha.

The building is located at 3236 Cranberry Highway and is owned by Continental Marina. It suffered extensive damage during Friday’s nor’easter, which brought down trees and electrical wires across town, knocking out power for 99 percent of Wareham for a day and a half.

On Friday night, high winds warped the building’s frame and blew off most of its sheet metal siding, exposing the boats stacked and stored inside. During the storm, the siding caused a dangerous situation on Cranberry Highway, prompting a response from the Onset Fire Department.

“Pieces of steel were flying across the road like guillotines,” said Onset Fire Chief Ray Goodwin. “We thought someone was going to get killed.”

While trying to secure the road, a 25-year-old Onset firefighter was badly injured during a hit-and-run. He remains in critical condition at Rhode Island Hospital. Wareham Police are searching for the suspect.

On Saturday, authorities closed a stretch of Cranberry Highway, from Jefferson Shores to the Bourne town line, fearing an imminent collapse. The highway has since reopened.

Riquinha said he’s currently speaking with Continental Marina’s insurance company. Regarding the boats inside, Riquinha said a plan is being worked on to remove them safely. He said it’s unclear at this time what that plan will be.