Decades of dedication commended at Wareham Public Schools Recognition Night

May 10, 2018

School bus drivers, teachers and custodians were all honored for their decades of work in Wareham Public Schools and praised for reaching career milestones on May 9.

During the School Committee's meeting, district employees were given certificates and a reception to thank them at the annual recognition night.

Wareham Public Schools Superintendent Dr. Kimberly Shaver-Hood thanked each of the faculty and staff for their hard work and dedication.

“It’s our family,” Shaver-Hood said. “Most importantly, thank you for being in Wareham.”

Here are the people who were recognized.

John W. Decas Elementary

William Fafard, who has been a custodian for 20 years at Wareham Public Schools. Decas Elementary School Acting Principal Bethany Chandler said Fafard, while “dedicated to keeping the school neat and clean,” is also known for his adventurous nature, including recently taking a skydiving trip, and that he shares stories of his adventures with students.

John Beaulieu, who has been a teacher at Wareham Public Schools for 40 years, beginning in 1978. He began as a music teacher at Wareham High School, then an instrumental teacher for elementary school children. He has worked in five Wareham schools over the last four decades.

“Mr. B. has touched many lives,” said Chandler.

Minot Forest Elementary School

Lori Morse, who will retire this year after 20 years working in Wareham school cafeterias. She has always had a passion for and dedication to students, said Minot Forest Elementary Principal Joan Seamans.

“She fills [students’] hearts with joy and their bellies with food,” Seamans said.

Manuel Borges, a Minot Forest Elementary teacher for 30 years, better known as “Coach” to students. Borges was praised for his involvement in Wareham Public Schools, from running intramurals and field days to volunteering at food drives.

Nancy Revene, who is retiring after 10 years teaching in Wareham elementary schools. Revene has taught in Vermont, New Hampshire and now Massachusetts, but now that she is retiring, she’s looking forward to being a grandmother to her six grandkids, Seamans said.

Laura Pol, who has brought a passion for global education to Wareham as a teacher for 20 years. Pol has been on many curriculum and literacy committees, participated in technology pilots and works with special education students.

Marion Weatherspoon, a paraprofessional retiring after 15 years. Weatherspoon is an active volunteer and is known by students as “Baddaboom,” Seamans said.

“She brings true magic,” Seamans said.

Wareham Middle School

Sally Snider, a social studies teacher of 20 years at Wareham Middle School. Snider was praised by Wareham Middle School Principal Dr. Peter Steedman for making a connection between arts and social studies in the school’s humanities academy.

Snider also allows students to write inspirational quotes on ceiling tiles, made the “Viking Strong” bulletin boards around the middle school and brings joy and creativity to each day, Steedman said.

Thomas Johnston, who has taught at Wareham Middle School for 20 years with a “passion for liberal arts,” Steedman said. He said Johnston has a knack for making personal connections for students, including bringing local veterans from the Vietnam War into students’ classrooms to talk to them.

Terri Currier, a 20-year paraprofessional, whose “enthusiasm and patience bring out the best in kids,” Steedman said.

Linda Stewart, who is retiring after teaching for 13 years in Wareham Public Schools. Steedman said the middle school teacher is known for being able to help students navigate difficult problems. Stewart is part of the STEAM Academy and helped get the program off the ground. She is known for her high expectations, Steedman said.

Jerald Ulrich, who is retiring after 24 years as a teacher at Wareham Middle School and Decas Elementary. He was instrumental in building the music program at Wareham Middle School, Steedman said, and is now in Florida enjoying his retirement.

Wareham High School

Marjory Rasoski, who likes to work “behind the scenes,” said Wareham High School Principal Scott Palladino, and has done so for 30 years as a paraprofessional. Rasoski is currently an alternative learning supervisor at the high school. She organizes many senior class trips, steps up for families in need and creates a positive atmosphere in the classroom, Palladino said.

Paul Barnett, who has been a Wareham High School math teacher for 20 years. Barnett also served two tours in the United States Army, one in 1991 and the other in 2009. He was an advisor for the multicultural, faith and step clubs, taught summer school and coached many local sports.

Rebecca Tetrault, who has been a paraprofessional for 20 years and treats students like her own children, Palladino said. Tetrault works with students who are cognitively delayed and have physical limitations, and having her in the classroom is like having a second teacher present, Palladino said.

System and transportation

Catherine Blake, thanked for 20 years as a secretary, most recently working with Assistant Superintendent Andrea Schwamb. Schwamb said Blake is “kind, loving and open to everyone.”

“Any space that she’s in turns beautiful somehow,” said Schwamb.

Corinne Lenihan, who has been a bus driver for 30 years and is well-liked by everyone, from parents to students, said Business Manager Michael MacMillan.

Robert Holmgren, who has worked on Wareham Public Schools fields and grounds for 20 years and has been the head of fields and grounds for the last several years. MacMillan said he knows the grounds “inside out and backwards” and works hard to maintain them.