Administrator: Wareham class of 2022 is 'lightning before the thunder'

Jun 21, 2018

The eighth grade class of Wareham Middle School was celebrated on Thursday with a Promotion Ceremony held in its honor.

Family, friends and teachers crowded into the Wareham High School auditorium to wish the upcoming class of 2022 well before they begin their high school careers.

Assistant Superintendent Dr. Andrea Schwamb praised the class for its outstanding work. Quoting a popular song from the band Imagine Dragons, Schwamb said that the class of 2022 was the "lightning before the thunder".

Schwamb also provided students with some advice for the transition to high school, encouraging them to stay on top of their portfolios and take risks.

"Trust the advice of your teachers," Schwamb said. "Always be thirsty to learn."

Middle School Principal Dr. Peter Steedman also gave the graduating eighth graders a heartfelt goodbye. Steedman said he was grateful for the bond the class had formed, both with teachers and each other, and encouraged the students to continue working together in the future.

"For everything you've given to Wareham," Steedman said, "thank you."

Valedictorian Olivia Powers commended the hard work of her classmates with hopes that it would continue into high school.

"If you've ever wanted to reinvent yourself," Powers said. "Now is the time."

Powers encouraged her classmates to join clubs, make new friends and most importantly, be their best selves.

Sixteen students received Presidential Acheivement awards during the ceremony:

Olivia Powers

Benjamin Brogioli

Amaya Anderson

Glen Barrows

Faith Wills

Allison Sciaraffa

Allison Horton

Adirenne Padden

Maverick Cavacas

Chloe Hogan

Abby Wiksten

Tatiana Famania

Noah Reardon

Madison Murphy

Colleen Hogan

Marissa Coryer