Wareham post office unveils stamps with a sweet surprise at Perry's Last Stand

Jul 10, 2018

This summer, Wareham’s postmaster general wants you to stop and smell the ice cream.

On June 20, the U.S. Postal Service rolled out its first ever scratch-and-sniff series of stamps. Named “frozen treats,” the stamps include scents such as watermelon, root beer, kiwi and more. The stamps are “forever stamps,” meaning they can be used for first class mailings no matter how prices change in the future.

Linda Nix, postmaster general at Wareham’s Main Street post office, unveiled the stamps at Perry’s Last Stand on Tuesday, July 10, during a brief ceremony.

“When you were a kid summer touched all the senses. You’d hear the sound of the Perry’s ice cream trucks coming through the neighborhood, feel the cold on your lips,” said Nix. “Now, you can enjoy the smell of summer all year round.”

Mardie Winterbottom, who owns Perry’s Last Stand along with her husband, said she was grateful Nix thought of holding the ceremony at the business.

“We’re honored to be included,” Winterbottom said. During her remarks, she explained the how Perry’s got its name. Her in-laws, Robert and Eileen Perry, opened the business in 1990. The plan, Winterbottom said, was for it to be their last business venture before retirement.

So, head to Perry’s when it’s hot to cool down. But if you want a whiff of the sweet stuff without the calories, head to the post office.