Time Warp Dance Parties get funky with it in Onset

Jul 21, 2018

Time Warp Dance Parties are rocking the stage at the Onset Bandshell for the first time this summer accompanied by rock n' roll bingo.

Hosted by DJ Roger Leary, the event features themed music from past decades and a chance to win prizes donated by the Onset Bay Association.

A former Wareham resident, Leary said he's been wanting to put on event like the Time Warp for sometime.

"I didn't want to do your average DJ's mix," Leary said. "I wanted to put together something that was a little more unique."

The event's first night featured sock hop music from the 1950s and was followed by a night of Woodstock from the 1960s.

On Friday, July 20, Leary invited bingo players to a night of 1970s disco.

"We have the perfect venue for it," Leary said. "I just wish it was a little darker. Then maybe I could get some crazy disco lights going."

Prizes for the evening ranged from Onset Bay Association frisbees to two free tickets for the Onset Blues Festival.

"We're hoping to get more donors in the future," Leary said.

According to Leary, the first Time Warp started out with only a handful of people.

"We ended the night with 75, which I think is pretty impressive for a new event," Leary said. "People hear the music and they want to come check us out."

The Time Warp Dance Parties run every Friday until Aug. 24. Show time starts at 6:30 p.m. and admission is free.

Next on Leary's schedule are a 1980s night and a 1990s dance party.

"I want to get some country and classic rock in there as well," Leary said. "There's something for everyone."

For more information, visit www.onsetbay.org.