Resources available for private well owners in Wareham

Aug 2, 2018

The Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection has released an online tool for private well owners in Massachusetts called “Be Well Informed.”

This tool allows private well-owners to anonymously compare their lab results to state and federal standards for public drinking water. It also provides information about potential health risks water treatment options available to homeowners.

The Be Well Informed tool can be accessed by visiting

On the site, select “browse as guest” at top right side of the web page and agree to the conditions of use. The Be Well Informed tool will be located on top left side of the next web page. Open the dropdown menu in the box labeled “Select a State/Tribe” and select “Massachusetts”, then click on the “check your water” box.

A data entry page will open where you can log your water quality results.

There is also a “State/Tribe Resources” menu at the top of the data entry page. There you may access links to information relevant to private well owners from state and federal entities.

The Water Quantity section of Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection's Private Well Guidelines has been updated and is available at

An updated version of the Model BOH Regulation for Private Wells is available at