Onset Blues Festival holds its own against torrential downpours

Aug 5, 2018

Torrential rain and wind may have dampened the 26th annual Onset Blues Festival on Saturday, Aug. 4 but it certainly didn't stop it.

Armed with umbrellas and raincoats, blues fans flocked to the Onset Bandshell in support of the Onset Bay Association's longest standing event.

Some may have only stayed for only a few minutes, but others buckled in for the long haul.

"We have a lot of diehards out there," said Winna Dean, one of the festival's five original founders. "So even though it's been slow, we know they aren't going anywhere."

According to Dean, this was only the third time in 26 years that rain had encroached upon the festival.

"Everyone is in good spirits," said Onset Bay Association President Kat Jones. "We're just a little wet."

"It really is a great festival," said John Hitwin of The Fat City Band. "Even in the rain."

Even when most of the festivals vendors packed up, the Onset Blues Festival managed to hold its own.

The show was cut an hour short at 7:30 p.m. when Grammy-nominated headliner Janiva Magness took the stage.

"The wind was pushing too much water onto the stage," Dean said. "It wasn't safe for our equipment."