‘Bumper cars’ at Union Pond

Apr 6, 2020

An argument outside one of the central buildings at Union Pond Apartments on Cranberry Highway in East Wareham escalated into collisions between at least two cars on Monday night. 

An officer on the scene described the altercation as “bumper cars.” One white sedan that appeared to be involved had a flat tire and a completely smashed rear window. 

Although there were reports of shots fired, police do not believe that a firearm was involved.

At least three suspects were in custody at about 9:15 p.m., and one of them could be heard banging on the window of the cruiser he was detained in and yelling in an effort to get the attention of his teenage friends.

About six Wareham Police Cruisers were on the scene, as were two Plymouth County Sheriff cruisers and a K-9 officer who was called in to search for firearms, according to scanner traffic.

The incident is still under investigation.