‘Lucky’ the coyote released after six months of treatment

May 31, 2021

Six months ago, Department of Natural Resources officers carefully caught a mangy little coyote in a net near the Decas School and brought her to the Cape Wildlife Center. 

Last week, ‘Lucky’ was finally strong enough to be released back into the wild.

Community members and Natural Resources officers had been concerned about the little animal for some time before her capture, but many previous attempts to humanely trap the animal had been unsuccessful.

By day, Lucky ate fallen apples near the school, and at night, she was often seen exploring Wareham Crossing.

Luckily, an officer spotted the animal sleeping in a pile of hay. The wind rustling the trees was enough to cover the sound of the officer quietly approaching and netting the animal.

“We can say due to her condition at the time, her deteriorating health was not in this coyotes favor,” the Department wrote on Facebook. “With six months of quality care at this amazing facility we were given the ok to assist in releasing Lucky back into the wild today!”