‘No to Notos’ activist launches write-in campaign for Selectman

Apr 19, 2021

Tricia Wurts, who got involved in town politics through the “No to Notos” movement, has announced a write-in campaign for the single open seat on the Board of Selectmen.

Wurts will face two candidates on the ballot: incumbent Alan Slavin and Finance Committee member Glenn Lawrence.

“The groundswell of Wareham citizens we organized to reject the Notos rezoning at Town Meeting moved me to enter the race,” said Wurts. “Status quo leadership is no longer acceptable — people in Wareham are hungry for change.”

Wurts spent time in Wareham throughout her life, and purchased a home in Briarwood in 1998. She retired full-time to Wareham in 2018.
According to a release from her campaign, Wurts “built a strategic consulting firm working with 100+ leading companies in the technology industry,” and has worked at the executive level since 1986. She was inducted into the Technology Hall of Fame in 2010.

“While it is more difficult to win this way, Wareham has spoken,” Wurts said about her write-in campaign. “People want a candidate who is transparent, who listens and welcomes citizen input, puts words into actions, and isn’t satisfied making decisions with only a few insiders participating.”

To cast a vote for Wurts, her campaign says voters would need to write her name and address on the ballot: Patricia “Tricia” Wurts, 30 Taft St. Wareham, MA 02571. Her campaign will be distributing stickers with that information outside polling places on Election Day, May 4.

Wurts’ campaign website is www.togetherwithtricia.com.