‘Pool Polar Plunge’ makes a splash at the YMCA

Feb 21, 2020

Guests at the Gleason Family YMCA swam, splashed, and played on Friday night, Feb. 21 for the second annual “Pool Polar Plunge.” 

Although pool temperatures aren’t actually lowered for the event, “it’s a polar plunge more in the sense that it’s a pool party with a cool title,” according to Aquatics Coordinator Danielle Gilmore. 

She added that the hour and a half-long event takes place during school vacation, and helps “to give families a break from winter” by getting in the pool. 

While the event accommodates school-aged kids, everyone from toddlers to adults are welcome to attend.

Lifeguard Jenna Durgin said that it was her first year working at the event, and that it is nice to be able to have people come together to enjoy the open swim format, as opposed to more structured swimming practices. 

Cinthia Hicks is a personal trainer at the YMCA, and brought her ten-year-old daughter London and seven-year-old son Grayson to enjoy the Pool Polar Plunge. “It’s a blast, we come every year,” Hicks said. 

Instructors from the Pound Martial Arts Center brought a group of about 15 students to the Pool Polar Plunge for some quality team building. Kenpo instructor Megan Elia described the pool party as fun and energetic and said that the martial artists will likely return next year. 

As guests swam, floated around in tubes, played water-basketball, and slid down the YMCA’s water slide, swimming instructor Bonnie Smith kept a watchful eye to make sure everyone was safe while having fun. 

The event was a family event for Smith, as her grandchildren Jolee, Josiah, and Ariana were all there, as well as her dog Lydia. Ariana was a lifeguard for the event, and Jolee is on the YMCA’s Swim team. 

To learn more about programs at the Gleason Family YMCA, go to ymcasouthcoast.org/locations/wareham/.