‘Proficient’ not good enough for automatic superintendent salary increase, says Wareham School Committee

Jan 17, 2019

On Thursday, School Committee members gave themselves more leeway when it comes to awarding (or not) a salary increase for the district’s superintendent.

Previously, if a superintendent scored “proficient” during an annual performance review committee members had to award a 1 to 3 percent raise. Members decide the exact figure in a vote following the performance review. 

Committee member Michael Flaherty said his board should be allowed to not give a raise for “proficient” work.

Committee member Mary Morgan agreed. She added that with the district struggling financially her board should be able to deny a raise.

“If a business is struggling financially, do you give your employees a raise?” she asked.

Members voted 3-1 to change the salary increase range to 0 to 3 percent, allowing them to forgo a raise in the future depending on the superintendent’s performance.

Member Laurie Spear was the sole vote against the move.