‘Remembrance trees’ to light up Besse Park this December

Nov 17, 2021

Wareham residents will have the opportunity to enjoy a bit of extra holiday cheer this December, as the town plans to begin a new tradition of lighting up an array of “remembrance trees” in Besse Park. 

Town Administrator Derek Sullivan announced the new initiative during the Nov. 16 Select Board meeting.

“For a $25 donation to Damien’s Pantry, you can sponsor a remembrance tree in Besse Park to decorate in remembrance of a loved one,” Sullivan said. The trees will be pre-lit and set up in the park for people to decorate however they see fit, he explained.

There will be about 73 Christmas trees available to sponsor. 

The program will be run out of the town administrator’s office. Anyone interested in sponsoring a tree should call (508) 291-3100 ext. 3110 or email administration@wareham.ma.us. People will be provided with a tree number one through 73, Sullivan said. 

“Just speaking to people, I’ve got at least a dozen trees that have been spoken for,” Sullivan said.

He explained that he hopes setting up remembrance trees will become an annual tradition in Wareham.

“I’ve seen it in some of the other communities,” Sullivan said. “I think it’s a great way to get into the holiday season and to remember those that maybe we’ve lost or (who) loved the season.”

The project is something the town has “been working on for a little while,” Sullivan said.

“What a nice idea,” said Select Board Chair Judith Whiteside. “And the lights will be reflected on the river as well.” 

Sullivan noted that Dave Menard and the rest of the town’s Municipal Maintenance crew have already installed a series of tubes in Besse Park, which is part of the setup for the trees. 

“It’s been a long couple of years for all of us, so getting into the spirit of some joy is going to be really special this year,” he said.