14-year-old Sandwich Road crash victim dies from injuries

Apr 24, 2023

A 14-year-old Wareham boy who was hit by a car while riding his bicycle on Sandwich Road died from his injuries on Monday, April 24. 

That night, Town Administrator Derek Sullivan led Town Meeting in a moment of silence for Tobey Alford, who was critically injured and airlifted to a Boston hospital as a result of the Tuesday, April 18 accident. 

Police Chief Walter Correia said that local and state police are investigating the situation, working alongside the Plymouth County District Attorney’s Office. 

The accident occurred near the intersection of Sandwich Road (Route 6) and Minot Avenue near the Narrows Bridge. First responders received a 911 call at 7:56 p.m. on the evening of April 18.

The driver of the car, a Wareham woman who the District Attorney’s Office declined to identify, initially drove away from the scene of the crash, then came back to speak to officers.

“She was so nervous and scared that she left, went down the street to tell her husband, and they both came back,” Correia said. “It’s not like the person was trying to evade involvement in this.” 

The woman was not taken into custody. She might receive a summons to appear in court, where she could be charged with fleeing the scene of an accident.

Eyewitnesses told police officers on the scene that the boy was doing a wheelie in the middle of the road when he was hit.

Correia said that Wareham Police have received phone calls about groups of boys, sometimes as many as 15 or 20, biking in the middle of major thoroughfares for several years.

“We’re having a lot of problems with these kids riding around town,” he said. “It’s been a problem for the last five years... Some people have gotten injured because of it.” 

Correia heard from officers on the scene that two other people with bicycles, likely young males, were with the boy when he was hit. 

“It’s a recipe for disaster when these kids are passing vehicles and trying to ride wheelies,” Correia said. 

He does not believe that the accident will convince kids to stop biking in the street, but he warned motorists to drive with caution and call Wareham Police if they see groups of bicyclists on the road.

In an email sent to parents and guardians on Tuesday, Wareham High School Principal Scott Palladino said that the school is offering counseling to students.

“As you can understand, many of our students were upset entering school today,” the email read. “We have support in place for many students who may be struggling and will continue to have this support in place for as long as it is needed.” 

A family friend has set up a GoFundMe page for Alford’s family. To donate, visit gofundme.com/f/paul-alford