Aloha means goodbye at Wareham Elementary School

Jun 13, 2024

Nearly 100 people stood outside the entrance of Wareham Elementary school, excitedly waiting for its doors to open on Thursday, June 13.

Why the crowd? Over 50 students graduated in a luau-themed ceremony filled with songs and smiles as youngsters said “aloha” to their preschool years. 

Students, all wearing leis, showed off the skills that they learned in school, singing songs that lyrically reflected their departure from preschool and transition into kindergarten. 

“I’m on my way,” students sang. “Watch me be the best that I can be.”

Students stood one at a time to be recognized, waving to their families as teachers displayed a “then and now” slideshow, showing pictures of students from the start of preschool next to a current one.

Nicole Roberge, a pre-K teacher, said that some of the students have been in the preschool program for three years. She said that students and teachers have worked for a while to prepare for the ceremony.

“We really put in a lot of work for the kids,” Roberge said.

Kristen Deasy, mother of graduate Maddie Deasy, 5, said that her daughter has done two years at the preschool and was “very excited” to graduate. 

Graduate Charlie Marino, 5, said that he is excited to go to kindergarten next year and that his favorite part of the ceremony was the “thank you” song.

In the song, students thanked those who helped them with the many things they learned before graduation.

“You taught us to read and write, you taught us to learn,” students sang. “You told us it’d be alright, and how to take our turn.”

“Thank you everyone, thank you for all that you’ve done,” they sang.