The Book House: a little library for all

Jul 16, 2020

There’s a new venue for book lovers in Wareham, and although it’s small in stature, it’s already becoming a big success. 

When both libraries in town were closed due to the coronavirus, Jennifer Kearns decided she would partner with the non-profit organization “Little Free Library” to allow people in Wareham to take and donate books as they please. 

The miniature libraries are set up in public spaces, and anyone is allowed to take a book when they want to. Guests are encouraged to donate a book to replace the ones they take, but it is not mandatory. 

In mid-June Kearns and her father Dalton built their own Little Free Library in front of her home on the corner of Church Avenue and Warr Avenue. Attached to a wooden post, the tiny library resembles a mailbox in design, except that it is painted to match her blue house, and even has left over shingles from her roof to match. 

As such, her 20-month-old son named their library “The Book House.” 

Since The Book House opened, Kearns said she has had a steady flow of guests, and has gotten more than enough donations to keep the little library fully stocked, something that many Little Free Libraries struggle to do at first. 

Kearns said she often sees people using the library while on their way to the beach, or while going for a walk around the neighborhood in the morning.

“I get so excited when I look out and I see someone walking away with a book,” Kearns said. 

The Book House has also received some noteworthy donations already. 

Author Elise hooper donated a copy of her recently published book “Fast Girls: A Novel of the 1936 Women’s Olympic Team.”

Kearns said that two other authors have reached out about donating to her library so far. 

Her ten-year-old daughter Natalie also contributes by providing handmade bookmarks for guests. 

Kearns said that anyone may use and donate to her library. The hope is that readers will either return their books, or pass them onto to someone else, or even another Little Free Library. 

Book donations can be placed directly in The Book House. Larger donations should be placed in a box next to The Book House, and Kearns will store them away for later. 

For more about Kearns’ Little Free Library, see her Instagram @lfl_The_Book_House. 

To learn more about the non-profit organization, go to: