Businesses can apply to use the old train station on Merchants Way

Feb 22, 2021

The town is accepting proposals for the use of the old train station on Merchants Way, which has been fixed up with security gates, tables and chairs, and new lighting and security.

The station -- known as a comfort station when it was in use -- is located on Merchants Way with a view of the river.

“We are looking to schedule people in the space for serving, entertaining, and arranging the space for their events and food-service,” reads the Request for Proposals. “Any and all ideas are welcome!”

The Municipal Maintenance Department would open the space for users, who would be responsible for maintaining the space while they use it. 

The alleyway next to El Mariachi, currently closed, is also available for use. The town hopes to keep that alleyway closed and use it as a walkway to the waterfront with a path across the train tracks to a pier over the river.

Users could choose to pay for garbage removal, bathroom cleanings, and closing up if they so chose. 

Proposals will be accepted on a rolling basis, and preference will be given to local businesses.

For more information, visit the Request for Proposals page on the town’s website at