Canines canoodle at dog park grand opening

Apr 30, 2023

It was a day of fun, frolic and butt sniffing.

The Wareham Dog Park on Maple Springs Road was opened to the public on Saturday, April 29, marking the end of nine years of fundraising and planning — and no, that’s not in dog years. 

The $286,000 park was the pet project of the Dog Park Affiliation of Wareham, in collaboration with the town. 

“I feel very proud,” said Affiliation board member Nancy Kelleher. “To see this come to fruition is amazing.”

She then turned to Kasey, her golden retriever, and Haschi, her husky.

“Hi you two!” She said to them. “We’re gonna come here a lot, yeah...”

Dogs of all shapes and sizes, as well as their owners, socialized and enjoyed the open space. The park has separate areas for large and small dogs, and running water for thirsty pups.

“I’m glad I don’t have to drive [to Falmouth’s dog park],” said Onset resident Peter Monaghan. “There’s really nothing we can get to that’s accessible, especially now with the bridge traffic.”

Dingo, Monaghan’s lab-pit bull mix, is energetic for a 12-year-old, making the dog park the perfect place for him. 

“I used to hook him to my waist and he’d pull me skateboarding,” Monaghan said. “We still do that from time to time.” 

Dingo declined to be interviewed. 

Calvin Perry brought his greyhounds Wolfe and Propellerpea to the grand opening. 

“When you pet her, you’ll see her tail goes like an airplane propeller the more excited she gets,” he said, explaining Propellerpea’s name. “She’s a riot.”

Perry said that his greyhounds are social and enjoy interacting with other dogs.

“Even though the little dogs are afraid of them, they get along,” he said.

Bella the shorkie (Shih Tzu-Yorkie mix) did not seem afraid, fearlessly greeting both greyhounds with nuzzles. 

Bella’s owner Bob Plourde, who is a member of the Dog Park Affiliation of Wareham with his wife Suzanne, called the dog park “a dream come true.” 

Some dogs had drip: Franklin the French bulldog wore a gold chain around his neck.

“Someone said ‘Get a gold chain, he’ll look like Mike Tyson,’” said Zac Cacciolfi, Franklin’s owner. 

Town Administrator Derek Sullivan and his daughter Nora received special thanks for their support of the dog park. Nora, 10, received a collection of books about dogs and two handmade satchels. 

The Sullivans came with their cavachon (Cavalier King Charles spaniel-bichon frise mix) Mr. Frosty.

“I enjoy the dogs and bond with them and give them pets and love,” she said. “Feels very good.” 

Department of Natural Resources Director Garry Buckminster was also thanked for his contributions, receiving a group portrait of a pack of pooches, including his own. 

The Dog Park Affiliation of Wareham plans to add agility obstacles and other amenities to the park in the future. 

“It’s amazing,” Kelleher said. “It’s great for the community to get everyone together and socialize.” 

The dog park is open daily from dawn to dusk. All dogs must be leashed when not in the fenced areas, and must have their rabies and dog license tags on display at all times.