Car towed from the bay near Onset Pier

Jul 23, 2022

A man’s car came to a rest in the water off Onset Pier just after 10:30 p.m. on Friday night, necessitating his rescue and a complex tow operation.

Wareham Police and Onset Fire responded to the pier, where one police officer entered the water to find the man outside the vehicle.

According to Onset Fire: The car had come to rest in the water between the boats docked at the pier and the beach, mostly submerged.

The police officer and others helped the man onto the dock, where EMS Director Dave Evans went to work before bringing the man to a hospital.

No one else was in the car.

According to social media comments from witnesses of the incident, the car drove into the water from the sand, not off the pier. 

A towing company came to remove the vehicle from the water, and Onset Fire stayed on scene to monitor the work and ensure no fluids from the car leaked into the bay.

The incident lasted until 1:41 a.m.