Celebrating students of the month

Mar 16, 2021

Each month, the Wareham Middle School celebrates exceptional students.

The fifth grader of the month for February is Nathaniel Rodriguez. 

“Nathaniel is a dedicated student who is kind and caring towards others and is always smiling,” said one teacher.

Another teacher said Nathaniel brings positive energy to class every day.

“Nathaniel has big dreams of becoming a herpetologist when he is older to study reptiles and amphibians, and I can't wait to see that come true,” said a teacher.

The sixth grader of the month is Mackenzie Gronblom. 

“One of my favorite things about Mackenzie is her free spirit,” said one teacher. “I love to watch her dance down the hall and smile while in Zoom classes.”

Another teacher said that Mackenzie is curious and always engaged in her lessons and class discussions. 

“Mackenzie is the delight of my day from the time she arrives at school until I see her in class,” said a teacher. “To me, she is a great example of a striking viking who will inspire others to do their best.”

Anabella Nunes is the seventh grader of the month.

Anabella’s teachers praised her hard work and willingness to attend office hours and ask for extra help when she needs it.

“Anabella has been working so hard both in and out of school to be her very best,” said one teacher. “In Science, she does an excellent job on her assignments and I always know I will see her on our Zooms.”

“She is creative, fun and an absolute pleasure to have in class!” said another.