Contest pairs deadlifts with cookie decorating

Dec 20, 2023

On Sunday, Dec. 17, a Christmas deadlift and cookie contest took place at the YMCA. 

The contest had 18 lifters, age 11 to 84, and 18 cookie decoration entries. 

Mike Gallagher, 45 years of age from New York, topped the weightlifting charts with a 625 pound deadlift. 

Kevin and Michelle Howie won the cookie challenge with their lemon and ricotta cookie. The two have been members of the Gleason Family YMCA for over 15 years. 

Liz Pothel-Pereira, a trainer and teacher at the YMCA and owner of Rock Body By Liz, organized the event. 

"The purpose of this was to bring our community together and show people they are stronger than they think they are," said Pothel-Pereira.