Cranberry Highway contractors clean up their act

Sep 8, 2020

The Massachusetts Department of Transportation is taking citizens’ complaints about the state of Cranberry Highway seriously, reported Selectman Alan Slavin at Tuesday night’s Board of Selectmen meeting.

Residents and business owners have complained about uneven patching on the road that is rough on cars’ suspensions (and on drivers), and unexpected blocked access to businesses.

Slavin said he and the board had received a letter from Mary-Joe Perry, the head of the MassDOT district, that said she had had a serious meeting with contractor P.A. Landers about the condition of the work. The contractor promised her that the issues would not recur, and she said that if they do, there will be serious consequences.

Since that meeting took place, conditions on the road seem to have improved somewhat, said Selectman Peter Teitelbaum.

The contractor has smoothed out many of the patches on Cranberry Highway, and is ending work at about 4 p.m. on the four days a week crews are working.