Election 2022: Wareham results match state, county amid decreased turnout

Nov 9, 2022

Wareham voters, along with the rest of Massachusetts, have chosen Democrat Maura Healey to be their new governor. 

In Wareham, she and running mate Kim Driscoll garnered 53% of the vote on Tuesday, Nov. 8. At press time, Healey has 63% of the vote statewide.

8,908 people voted in Wareham’s Tuesday elections, marking a decrease in turnout from 2018 as local voters’ choices mostly aligned with the rest of the county and state. While midterm elections never receive as much turnout as presidential elections, more than 9,000 Wareham residents, 61% of all registered voters in the town, voted in the 2018 midterm elections. This year, only 49% of Wareham’s 18,247 registered voters cast a ballot. 

Wareham voted with Massachusetts on two of this year’s four ballot questions. 51% of Wareham voters said no on Question 1, which would levy an additional 4% income tax on people making more than $1 million annually. 52% of Massachusetts voters supported the tax. 63% of Wareham voters said yes on Question 2, which requires at least 83% of dental insurance profits to go to patient care. 32% said no. Question 2 was even more popular statewide, with 71.3% of voters saying yes. 61% of Wareham voters said no to Question 3, which would increase the number of beer, wine and liquor licenses establishments could have at one time. Question 3 was more divisive statewide, with 55% opposing it and 45% supporting it. 56% of Wareham voters said no to Question 4, which would allow undocumented immigrants to apply for drivers licenses. Wareham’s vote was the reverse of statewide results at press time, with 53.7% of Massachusetts voters saying yes.  

Bucking state trends, Wareham chose Republican James McMahon III over Democrat Andrea Campbell for Attorney General. McMahon received 51% of the Wareham vote. Campbell won with a 62.3% lead over McMahon statewide.

Both Wareham and Massachusetts at large resoundingly chose incumbent Democrat William Galvin over Republican Rayla Campbell for Secretary of State. 58% of Wareham voters voted for Galvin. Galvin won with a comfortable lead, gaining 67.6% of the state vote.

A strong majority of Wareham voters preferred incumbent Democrat Deborah Goldberg for Treasurer over Republican Christina Crawford. Goldberg received 60% of the vote in Wareham, and won with 76.6% of the statewide vote.

Wareham was out of step with the rest of the state in narrowly picking Republican Anthony Amore for Auditor of the Commonwealth over Democrat Diana DiZoglio. 45% voted for Amore. DiZoglio won with 54.9% of the state vote. 

Wareham voters helped incumbent Democratic Representative Bill Keating win another term in the U.S. House of Representatives, giving him 55% of the vote to defeat Republican challenger Jesse Brown. They did the same for incumbent Democratic State Senator Marc Pacheco, who won 55% to beat Republican challenger Maria Collins (43%). At press time, Wareham’s results mirror the rest of Massachusetts District 9, with 59.4% of voters choosing to reelect Keating, as well the rest of 3rd Bristol and Plymouth, with 54.1% of voters choosing to reelect Pacheco.

Wareham and Plymouth County both voted for Republican incumbent Timothy Cruz to continue serving as the county District Attorney. 60% of Wareham voters voted for Cruz, The race was closer than it was countywide, with 63.1% of Plymouth County voters choosing Cruz over Democratic challenger Rahsaan Hall at press time. 

Wareham’s vote for Plymouth County Commissioner closely matched the rest of the county, with Republican incumbent Sandra Wright receiving 53% of the Wareham vote. At press time, 54.7% of county voters favored Wright over Democratic challenger Alex Bezanson.