The Emerald Isle comes to Wareham

Mar 8, 2024

The meeting hall of the Wareham-New Bedford Elks underwent an emerald makeover for a Council of Aging St. Patrick’s Day lunch held Wednesday, March 6. 

Green filled the hall: green tablecloths, green napkins, green outfits and, of course, green shamrocks. 

The hall also was filled with cheer that day, as entertainer Kalifornia Karl got the crowd engaged and brought people out on the dance floor. 

Dressed in an outfit of green curly-toed shoes, a green shamrock coat and (at times) a faux red beard, Kalifornia Karl performed a mix of Irish songs, classic oldies and upbeat party tunes. 

At one point, he asked who in the room was Irish and got a solid smattering of hands in response. 

Among them was Tom Monaghan. Tom and his wife Sheila spent their honeymoon in Ireland and have been back several times since. 

“It’s beautiful,” said Sheila. 

One attendee, Nancy, said what the Council on Aging does is “very impressive.”

Another couple, Richard and Sharon, said they go to the Council on Aging a lot. 

They tore up the floor with their ballroom dancing, though Sharon said they were “out of practice.”

The Wareham-New Bedford Elks, Lodge #73, sponsored the event, which was put on by the Council on Aging.