Enos, Crocker win seats on Fire District Prudential Committee

Apr 17, 2021

A contested race for two seats on the Fire District Prudential Committee drew steady turnout for the Wareham Fire District’s April 17 election.

A total of 284 voters participated in the election — both during the drive-thru style election held Saturday from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. at the Fire District’s office and during early voting, which occurred throughout the week. 

Among four candidates vying for the two available seats, Ronald Enos and Brian Crocker were elected to the Prudential Committee for three-year terms. Enos was re-elected, and Crocker narrowly defeated incumbent John Connolly, who was up for re-election and fell short of securing the second open seat by 11 votes.

Richard England was re-elected to another three-year term as Water Commissioner. He ran unopposed and received 225 votes. In that race, there were 58 blank ballots and one write-in.

Voters were asked to choose two candidates for the Prudential Committee seats, and the final vote count was as follows:

• Ronald Enos 164 votes 

• Brian Crocker 135 votes

• John Connolly 124 votes

• James Giberti 29 votes

• 116 blank votes

Election officials said a steady stream of voters came by to participate in the drive-thru style election on Saturday, despite the somewhat dreary weather.

Allyson Bonin works at the fire department as a clerical assistant and spent Saturday working the drive-thru election. Around 2 p.m., she said things had been going well. 

“I’d say it’s been real smooth,” Bonin said. “This whole drive-thru election… it’s made life easy.”

Before the pandemic made it necessary to practice social distancing and avoid large gatherings, fire district elections were held indoors at the district office. Last year, the Fire District’s 2020 annual election was held drive-thru style because of covid-19 safety concerns. The district opted to use the same method for this election.  

“It’s all because of covid,” said District Clerk Treasurer Wendy Lemieux. “Usually we would be inside the building, so we’re hoping to be back there next year.”

Karin Baker, an office manager at the fire department who spent Saturday working the election alongside Bonin and Lemieux, was quick to agree with that hope.

For the drive-thru election, voters entered the district office’s parking lot at 2550 Cranberry Highway, checked in with volunteers and were given a ballot. After filling the ballot out in the safety of their vehicle, voters returned their ballot to Bob Short, the fire district warden, checked out and drove away.

The election workers said they had been pretty busy throughout the day.

“We have a contested election this year,” Lemieux said. “Contested elections bring in more voters.”