Field hockey starts season

Sep 27, 2023

The Wareham field hockey team has faced several changes coming into the 2023-24 season, according to Athletics Director Ed Rodrigues.

Several graduating seniors left the team between last season and this season, and the team's longtime coach, Molly Kosboski, is on maternity leave. 

Track Coach Chris Gardner is stepping in to coach the team for the year. 

Gardner said that most of the girls on the team are ones he has coached for the track and field, for which he has been the coach for the past "fifteen years or so."

Coaching the field hockey team has been a fun learning experience, Gardner said. 

The team has also successfully incorporated four members from Bourne Public Schools, which isn't fielding a hockey team this year, said Rodrigues. 

Despite the transitions it has faced, the team is doing well in its first few showings, said Rodrigues.

He added, "They're hanging in there."

The team has lost four games and tied two in their outings so far this year, said Gardner. 

The games themselves have been very competitive, said Rodrigues. 

The team is getting into the point of the season where it's playing teams for the second time, which Gardner sees as an opportunity for success.