Fire Department personnel help secure Boston Marathon

Apr 23, 2023

Two members of the Wareham Fire Department helped to provide security at the Boston Marathon on Monday, April 17. 

Assistant Chief Patrick Haskell, a member of the Massachusetts Hazardous Materials Response Team, patrolled the route of the marathon in a hazmat truck.

Dispatcher Lydia St. Laurent, a member of the Department of Fire Services Special Operations Unit, worked in a mobile command unit to keep communication lines open for first responders. 

While there were no incidents at this year’s marathon, Haskell and St. Laurent were ready to respond, had there been one.

“It’s a good thing to be able to allow people to enjoy a good event,” Haskell said, “and not have them worry that something bad may happen.” 

Haskell is one of 240 members of the Hazardous Materials Response Team. Every year, available members go to Boston to provide security at the marathon. Haskell has worked security at every Boston Marathon since 2014, the first one after the bombing. 

“There’s always a chance,” he said, that disaster will strike. 

“But it’s a very robust group of people all over 26.2 miles,” he added, “that are in the shadows... making sure that [runners and fans] can have an enjoyable time.”