Fleet-of-hoof cow evades authorities

Jun 7, 2022

The Wareham Department of Natural Resources was in hot pursuit of a cow named Rosie on June 1.

The bovine on the lamb led officers on a chase through East Wareham and made brief appearances at the Maple Spring Wildlife Area, near Rickie Lane and along power lines.

Rosie was running around loose all day as officers would track her for a time before she would evade capture.

Officers kept the public updated through the department’s Facebook page, saying the cow had become fairly stressed throughout the day and urging the public to give the bovine a wide berth.

Rosie was eventually spotted by a resident in a neighbor’s yard.

That person called her owners and was able to keep an eye on Rosie until her owners arrived.

The owners were able to catch the cow-on-the-go and bring her home safely.

Garry Buckminster, the head of the department, said he’ll consider adding lasso training for staff.