Fresh watercolors for Blue Foot Cafe

Oct 7, 2023

The work of the Rochester artist Janet Smith-Flaherty will feature in the Blue Foot Cafe throughout the month of October. 

Smith-Flaherty paints primarily in watercolor, but has been branching out into paper collages, and takes inspiration from the beauty of the South Coast's scenery, according to artist and Wareham resident Kate Furler. 

Furler oversees the gallery program at the Blue Foot. She teaches watercolor painting, in addition to being an accomplished artist herself; many of her students are retired people, and some of them are already established artists who just haven't worked in watercolor before, she said. 

A chance meeting between Furler and Katie Galleger, owner of the Blue Foot Cafe, led to the gallery arrangement. Furler provides an artist for each month, and the Blue Foot Cafe provides its wall space to exhibit their work. 

Customers at the Blue Foot get to experience an ever-rotating gallery of illustrations. They can also purchase the paintings they see; the Blue Foot handles the logistics of the sale, taking a small commission while the majority goes to the artist. 

It's a popular program among artists in Southeast Massachusetts — Furler says the gallery is full through next year with artists who want to display their work. 

For many of the artists involved, it's their first individual show, says Furler. She adds it's a step up from group shows, and a good first step before an artist thinks of going on their own to a more formal gallery.