Future kindergarteners share hopes for school

Jun 23, 2022

Excited preschoolers and their families flocked to the Wareham Elementary School on Thursday night for the Kindergarten Rally — an event designed to get kids excited to start kindergarten this fall.

The event included tours of the school, a story walk, time to meet teachers and future classmates and the grand finale: an ice cream social in the cafeteria.

Each future student was given a tiny passport with four spots for stamps: One each for the storywalk, meeting a teacher, making a friend and visiting a classroom. Those who got all four stamps could enter to win several raffle prizes, including a hard-cover copy of the storywalk book, Emma and the Bees. 

The rally, sponsored by the Office of Beyond School Time, marked a return to pre-kindergarten tradition for the district. Since the pandemic began, the event has been a less-exciting drive-by affair.

Wareham Week was on hand to ask incoming kindergartners about what they’re looking forward to and what they think they’ll learn about in school this fall. Here’s what they had to say:

“I love to learn,” said Chloe. She said she’s most excited to learn letters and how to read. 

Isabella said she loves books and is looking forward to “fun stuff” at school. She gave her ice cream a thumbs up. 

Frankie’s excited to learn letters and make new friends, while Lyla is looking forward to “playing on the playground.”

Marquise attended the event with his cousin, Joshua, who’s a current first-grader. Marquise is very excited about the toys in his classroom, including a play kitchen, and is looking forward to learning math. Joshua gave advice for new kindergarteners: “Raise your hand in class when you have a question.”

Carsyn is looking forward to different activities and crafts.

Nicholas was thrilled by the playground and said he thinks he’ll learn about different shapes. Gracie is looking forward to meeting teachers and making new friends. Caleb said the classrooms are cool and he’s eager to learn to read.

AJ is a science fiend who wants to learn sign language and can’t wait to ride the school bus. Harlee wants to learn sign language, too, and said she’s looking forward to making new friends.