Gatemen, WooSox both get the ‘W’ in logo dispute

Jun 30, 2020

After some negotiations, the Wareham Gatemen and newly formed WooSox baseball teams have both earned a “W” in their dispute over having a similar logo.

When the Boston Red Sox’s minor league team moved from Pawtucket, Rhode Island, to Worcester, the team changed its name from the “PawSox” to the WooSox in honor of its new city. 

With that change, came a new red “W” logo, which is very similar to Wareham’s Cape Cod Baseball League team. 

Wareham Gatemen President Tom Gay said that “when you first look at [the WooSox logo] you would think that it was a Wareham Gatemen W,” but that the two logos are different enough to coexist.

He explained that while the Gatemen have trademarked their logo, the WooSox logo is written in “Red Sox font,” to pay homage to the team’s major league affiliate. 

The two teams have decided to recognize each other, and allow the other team to use its logo on the field and in advertising without the threat of legal action from either side. 

As a sign of good faith, the WooSox have agreed to let the Gatemen host two of their Cape Cod League Baseball games at Worcester’s new Polar Park, once construction is completed.

Gay said that if the new park is completed on time, the Gatemen will host one game in 2021, and another in 2022. 

“It’s a nice way of getting the Cape Cod Baseball League out there,” he said. 

The summer league consists of college athletes from around the country, who often stay with host families for the season. Over the years, many Cape Cod Baseball League players have gone on to play in Major League Baseball.